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Global talents for Your company

Discover the world of international specialists with our professional recruitment strategies.

Thanks to multi-channel recruitment and our market expertise, we find international specialists who perfectly match your requirements!

austrify medical great place to work
Globale Talente für Ihr Unternehmen

Your advantages with Austrify Medical:

Free offer

A completely free offer, tailored to your specific needs!

NO costs until you start work

There are NO costs for you until your international spacialists start to work. So there are NO payments due in advance.

All-round worry-free service

From organizing the onboarding process to finding the right employees, we take care of the entire process for you.

6 months of care

6 months of personal support from Austrify Medical employees from the time of arrival in Austria.

Advantages of international talents for your company

Skills shortage

There is an acute shortage of qualified nursing staff in Austria. Recruiting international specialists can help to alleviate this shortage and improve staffing levels.

Diversity & cultural competence

International specialists often bring a variety of cultural backgrounds and experiences with them. This can help to increase diversity among hospital staff and strengthen cultural competence in dealing with patients.

Professional expertise & new perspectives

International specialists bring a variety of specialist knowledge and skills with them, that can enrich your company. This results in new working methods, best practices and perspectives that lead to an improvement in the quality of care.

Flexibility & adaptability

International specialists are often flexible and adaptable, as they have already adapted to a new environment and culture. This can be particularly useful for reacting to changes or unforeseen situations.

Long-term employee retention

If you hire international specialists, you can build long-term relationships and retain staff in your company for the long term. This can improve the continuity of care and reduce staff turnover.

Language diversity & enrichment of the team

International nurses bring multilingual skills that enable them to care for a wider range of patients. The recruitment of international specialists diversifies the team, resulting in a broader range of experience and expertise.

Austrify Medical

Austria’s leading HR service provider in the medical and healthcare sector.

Our core competencies include recruitment and staff leasing, in particular the placement of qualified nursing staff in all professions, medical assistants, doctors, executives and management positions as well as HR consulting and coaching.

Austrify Medical has had a firm place in the Austrian personnel consulting market since 2004.

International recruiting is important to build a diverse and talented team that brings different perspectives, skills and experience to the table.

It enables companies to remain competitive in the global market by giving them access to a wider pool of skilled workers.

It also promotes innovation and cultural exchange, thus supporting the long-term success and growth of the company.

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austrify medical great place to work

Our recruiting strategies for global talent

Multi-channel recruitment

Active search, performance marketing, recruitment agencies and our own networks to reach a wide range of candidates.

Clear communication

About the requirements, tasks and expectations of the position as well as the application process and the status of applications.

Targeted candidate selection

Identification of candidates with the required skills, experience and cultural fit for the position and the company.

Screening tools & procedures

To screen candidates for suitability for the position, including telephone interviews, technical aptitude checks and behavioral assessments.

Candidate:inside experience

Promoting a positive applicant experience to arouse interest in the company, regardless of the application result.

Tracking & analysis

Continuously monitor and analyze recruitment metrics to evaluate the success of the recruitment strategy and make adjustments to improve performance.

International job boards & networks

Access to a global pool of experts to always find suitable candidates.

Visa and immigration

Information on visa and immigration procedures for international employees. Visa application and immigration support and resources.

Cultural integration & support

Assistance and support for international skilled workers during the first six months after their arrival in Austria are crucial to ensure a smooth transition.

This is how it works: Request specialists

1. send request

Please click on the green button “Show contact details” and send a message regarding Inquiries.

We will get in touch with you and together we will prepare a free and non-binding offer for you!

We will consult with you in a further appointment and can still make adjustments to the offer.

Once all the preparatory measures have been clarified to the satisfaction of both parties, the collaboration can begin. We will immediately start looking for suitable specialists for you.

The most important questions at a glance:

It depends on your individual needs and your specific situation. However, we generally assume a minimum duration of three months. As a number of factors play a role, we can only provide more precise details after an initial discussion.

There are no costs for you until you start work and there are no advance payments. The costs are only incurred when the skilled worker or skilled workers are finally taken on after the start of their first working day. The exact cost breakdown will be provided after the non-binding initial consultation.

You retain an overview of all processes and decisions at all times. We maintain a regular exchange with you and keep you fully and transparently informed of all innovations.

Yes, there will be video conferences to give you the opportunity to get to know each other in advance and clarify any questions that may arise. We organize and accompany these meetings and are generally available to provide you with advice and support at any time.

Find global talent for your company now

Austrify Medical helps you to end your skills shortage.